How I Honored My Father’s Memory by Meeting President Jimmy Carter

A while back, in the first year of this project, I checked off item 6 on my father’s list and got to talk with a president. Or at least the guy who was president when my father wrote it.

Good Housekeeping was nice enough to feature an article I wrote about this on their website in spring 2018. Here’s where you can read it:


And if you want to see more of what Carter had to say that day, see below.  

The Capacity for Choice

After the service, the emcee of the proceedings told everyone to line up pew by pew to have their photos taken with Jimmy and Rosalynn. Because we were seated in a special section, we were among the first rows of people to walk up. As Steven and I inched out of the pew, Art showed up at the right-hand side. He told me, excitedly, that he wished me luck because he had once been in my shoes. Jimmy Carter has been Art's hero since he was 12 years old. Just as we left, Art said to me, "Your dad's here with you today."

As Steven and I inched to the front of the line, I patted the vintage white eyelet dress I'd chosen for the occasion—it seemed the perfect choice for a Southern Baptist church. Carter and his wife were over posing with a group of Pennsylvania Mennonites. I prepared in my head what I might say to the president, if given the chance. 

Then I remembered that I'd jumped out of a plane in June, for a bucket list item, and realized that if I could do that, I should be able to do this, too.

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